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I'm just gonna come out and say it.... this headline excites me.  I'm a total Real Housewives of Anything fan - don't hold it against me. 

Bravo has just announced that fans can now vote in a variety of categories, the winners of which will be revealed on March 23rd during Bravo's Sunday night line up.  HOW FUN IS THIS?!?

SO here are the categories:

· Most Memorable Outfit
· Most Shocking Reunion Twist
· Loveliest Locks
· Best Fight Locale
· Rookie of the Year
· Best Supporting Agitator
· Party of the Year
· Favorite Quote
· OMG-est Moment of the Year
· Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action (Curated by RealityTVGIFs)
· Favorite Housewife City – Launched exclusively on Facebook, vote by liking and sharing the images on Facebook here (

Head on over to to vote today! 

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  1. They didn't include my favorite Real Housewives quote of all time, so I'll post it here: "Who gonna check me, Boo?" - Sheree, RHOA